Table of Contents

The A Matter of Survival: Software Development as Wilderness Adventuring publication contains the serialized (although, not necessarily sequential) posts for a book on the adventure of software development.

An Introduction
Describes the crisis that got me on this path, and provides an outline for the project.

The Preparation

Any significant adventure should, of course, start with preparation.

  1. Agile Adventuring
    Places the current work within the context of Agile theories and practices, and demonstrates that both Agile and the Gonzales Rules of Adventuring have, at their foundation, the theory of complex adaptive systems (CAS).
  2. Complex Adaptive Systems: An Operator’s Manual (Abridged)
    Develops the primary mental model needed for the adventure ahead.

The Adventure

A trek into the rules of adventuring.

  1. Perceive, Believe, then Act
    Perceiving accurately, understanding what it means, and believing sufficiently enough to take action…it’s not as simple as it sounds.
  2. Avoid Impulsive Behavior; Don’t Hurry
    As John Wooden, former head coach of the UCLA basketball team, once said, “Be quick, but don’t hurry.”
  3. Know Your Stuff
    Takes a look at the nature of expertise, the importance of having it, how it’s acquired, and the variety necessary to succeed as a software organization.
  4. Gather the Information
    The active and continuous nature of effective information gathering, and the breadth of domains and sources from which to gather.
  5. Commune with the Dead / When in Doubt, Bail Out
    As Edmund Burke once said, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
  6. The Zen Qualities of a Software Master
    Humility, being present, listening.
  7. Choose Your Adventuring Companions Carefully
    Selecting a team to join, and building a team others want to join.
  8. Staying Healthy
    Individual and team health.
  9. Surviving a Catastrophe
    Despite your best efforts to avoid disasters, they will happen. What are the rules for surviving?
  10. Epilogue
    A personal story about how a child experiencing disability, a school district trying to figure out how best to serve him, and an impossible work situation conspired to suddenly and dramatically transform my life — a truly agile adventure.
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